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Clean burning and efficient, propane is the preferred heating fuel for rural residents throughout the United States, due to its more consistent, comfortable heat.  Propane furnaces and boilers come in all shapes and sizes and have a typical operating life of 20 years.  Propane is recognized by the Clean Air Act of 1990 as a qualified alternative fuel and eligible for various federal tax incentives under the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Heats faster, recovers faster!  According to the Propane Education and Research Council, propane heats water nearly 40{84e846b0489dd0d88934a87a04e86cffdcfb759106f98442a0a7c6d90b7b0d8d} faster than electricity.  That means less energy use and faster recovery time!  Propane water heating is a great way to  save money, reduce your home’s carbon footprint and improve home comfort — all with one safe, clean energy option that is available wherever you live.

Talk with your Pacer Propane representative to learn what options will best fit your household needs.


When you think about propane and the outdoors, grilling may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with modern advances you can easily extend the benefits of propane to a wide range of outdoor appliances, such as heaters for your patio, pool or spa, fire pits and hearths – even lighting.

Today’s advanced propane water heaters warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heaters and maintain heat better in cold weather. Proper installation of your propane pool or spa heater will ensure optimal safety and efficiency.

Propane lights are a steady, reliable way to welcome guests, accent landscaping and maintain home security – even during a power outage. To help extend the ambience, propane patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to help your family cozy-up on cool days and chilly nights.  The Propane Education and Research Council  reports that propane-fueled fireplaces are 85{84e846b0489dd0d88934a87a04e86cffdcfb759106f98442a0a7c6d90b7b0d8d} efficient, compared with the 15{84e846b0489dd0d88934a87a04e86cffdcfb759106f98442a0a7c6d90b7b0d8d} efficiency of wood-burning fireplaces.


It’s not hard to figure out why about 60{84e846b0489dd0d88934a87a04e86cffdcfb759106f98442a0a7c6d90b7b0d8d} of home grillers use propane gas grills. Propane grills light instantly, heat faster than charcoal and release less carbon monoxide, particle matter and soot. What does that mean for you? Great-tasting food prepared in less time.

A patio gas grill cart or premium built-in cooking area  — complete with large grilling surface, cooktop, oven and rotisserie — can be set up to operate with a propane cylinder or your home’s main supply tank – providing clean, versatile energy that easily meets your performance and safety needs.

Propane-fueled mowers provide an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly option for lawn maintenance. Unlike gasoline engines, propane mowers virtually eliminate fuel spills and require no messy mixing of gasoline and oil. The Propane Education and Research Council reports that propane-fueled mowers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50{84e846b0489dd0d88934a87a04e86cffdcfb759106f98442a0a7c6d90b7b0d8d} and carbon monoxide emissions by more than 80{84e846b0489dd0d88934a87a04e86cffdcfb759106f98442a0a7c6d90b7b0d8d} compared with gasoline mowers.